Why Install Easy Height Toilets in Your Assisted Living Unit?

If you're building an assisted living unit on your retirement village, then you need a slightly different design to your regular units. The people who move into your assisted care homes may need extra help with daily tasks.

While your staff will provide some of this help, you can make things easier for future residents by adding fixtures and fittings that are designed for older people with mobility issues. For example, easy height toilets may be worth considering.

What are easy height toilets, and what are the benefits of installing them?

What Are Easy Height Toilets?

Easy height toilets work just like regular toilets. The only difference between the two is their height. An easy height toilet typically has a taller toilet seat; the pan is raised higher than the norm. This has some benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Easy Height Toilets?

If people aren't as mobile or steady on their feet as they used to be, then getting on and off a regular toilet is sometimes difficult. For example, some people find it hard to stand up from a seated position from the standard toilet height.

However, they may find it more convenient and comfortable to use an easy height model. Standing up from the higher position that a taller pan gives you is usually a lot easier.

Installing a slightly taller-than-average toilet doesn't just allow you to help residents with current mobility issues. This is also a good future-proofing move. The people who will move into your assisted care unit already have more needs than your other residents. These needs are likely to increase with time.

So, while a resident may not need extra help with toileting when they first move into one of your homes, they may well do in the future. If you install an easy height toilet, then you are putting in extra support in case it is needed. The toilet can still be used by anyone without mobility problems, but it provides an instant back-up if using the toilet becomes more difficult.

While this is a simple thing, it may make your homes more attractive to potential residents. If people are worried about how they will cope in the future, they may appreciate having extra care in place.

Given that easy height toilets may be used by people with and without mobility issues, it's important to choose the right toilet height. Your plumber can talk you through your options and recommend suitable toilets before they install them.