Why You Shouldn't Unblock Your Drains Yourself

Dealing with a blocked drain is something that you can do for yourself. However, it is not always advisable to try and clear blocked drains on your own because you can get yourself into some tricky situations if you do. It is usually more advisable to contact your local plumber in order to clear a thoroughly blocked drain. This way, you will not just save yourself from a lot of hassle; you will also have the blockage permanently cleared for you. Professionals know what they are doing, and this is a big benefit if you do not want to be unblocking your drains time after time in the future.

Avoid Noxious Material 

Blocked drains are usually caused because some nasty material or other that has clogged up the pipework beneath the ground. This could be rotting old leaves but blocked drains are more frequently down to things like sanitary pads, congealed cooking fat or dirty nappies that have worked their way into the system. If you clear your drains yourself, then you are going to come into contact with these items. Inevitably, some of the foul water that is blocked in your drains will splash onto you. This is unwanted by most people which is why they rely on professional drain clearer to do the job for them instead.

Ineffective Drain Clearance

Drain clearance products are on the market that you can simply pour down the sink. The problem with them is that they are usually ineffective. This is because they come in a fluid form which means that they are able to flow around the blockage and, therefore, don't deal with it sufficiently. In short, drain clearance products only do a partial job at best, and you end up spending many dollars for little return.

Using Drainage Rods

Drainage rods do a better job of physically forcing blockages out from your drains. However, these items are exposed to all of the foul water in your drains and, therefore, need to be cleaned thoroughly before you can store them in your home. Few people want dirty drainage rods anywhere near their house, in fact. The other problem with drainage rods is that they connect to one another via a simple screwing mechanism. This means that they can screw themselves in your drains and actually lead to a worse blockage if this happens. In addition, you need to be reasonably physically fit to use rod your drains even if you can put up with the smell!