3 Potential Causes of Low Water Pressure in Your Shallow Bore Jet Pump

Jet pumps are the most popular pumps for shallow bores. Jet pumps are mounted above the borehole, and they draw water through a suction mechanism. During operation, a jet pump should maintain optimal water pressure. Thus, the water you receive at the various access points should have a high flow rate. If you are suddenly receiving low-pressure water at the access points, something is wrong. Below are three potential causes of low water pressure in a jet pump.

Gas Leak Detectors: A Plumber's Guide to Finding the Best

Gas leaks are among the most dangerous plumbing issues in many homes. Many gases are odourless and combustible, which can be quite catastrophic in case of leaks. Dizziness, explosions, high gas bills, property damages, dead houseplants and vegetation and even death (in case of explosion or inhalation of toxic gases) are a few of the common dangers that come with gas leaks. Detecting the source of a gas leak often requires the use of gas detectors.

Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be an inconvenience and they can cause damage to your plumbing system due to the build-up of pressure at the site of a blockage. Partial blockages can quickly turn into complete blockages and leave you with standing water in your sink or unable to shower or use your toilet. Common signs of a blocked drain include slow draining water, raised water levels in the toilets or a foul smell coming from the drains, which often occurs due to food debris being stuck in the pipes.