Water Heater Installation Mistakes to Avoid

In this DIY age, some people try to install water heaters on their own and mess things up. But water heater installation requires extensive plumbing and electrical knowledge. So, you should leave the job to professionals with the requisite skills. Without proper installation, a water heater will not work efficiently, which will translate to high energy costs. 

Check out common mistakes you should avoid when installing or replacing your water heater. 

1. Installing an Incorrectly Sized Water Heater 

Most homeowners incorrectly estimate their hot water needs and install an incorrectly sized unit. You should properly size the heating unit for maximum efficiency and adequate hot water supply (based on how much hot water you need in your house).  

An undersized system will run for a much longer time than needed to meet your household's hot water needs. The result is an overheated water heater and a potential breakdown of the unit. On the other hand, an oversized system heats more water than you need, which ultimately raises your utility bills. Luckily, a professional can guide you on the right size to buy.

2. Installing the Unit in an Inaccessible Location

You should install your water heater in a safe and accessible location. If you can't easily access the water heater, you might fall behind on the maintenance and servicing of your unit. And unfortunately, neglecting your water heater reduces its lifespan. So, place the water heater in an easy-to-access and adequately lit spot for easy access for maintenance visits. 

Generally, you should install your water heater against an outer wall to accommodate the flue. Also, if you choose a tankless water heater, you should place the unit near the demand areas so you can get hot water quickly. This strategy also reduces heat loss as water moves through the piping and ultimately conserves energy.

3. Fixing the Relief Valve Incorrectly

The relief valve manages the heat and pressure in the tank. If improperly installed, the tank might explode and spray you with hot water, which could result in severe burns. For this reason, you should install the relief valve properly so you and your family can stay safe.

Essentially, you should place the valve at the water tank's side and a few centimetres from the floor. This step allows the valve to safely open and release tank pressure unimpeded. 

You should leave the water heater installation to the experts to avoid making the above mistakes. Professionals have the skills and experience to do a proper job the first time to save you money on unnecessary repairs. Contact a company that offers hot water services to learn more.