When is it Time to Call for Plumbing Services?

No home is exempted from plumbing issues given the constant use of the system. There are some problems that you can repair through simple DIY repairs. For example, you can clean the showerhead or adjust the meter if the water pressure is low. However, not all issues are this simple to repair. Some problems may be too complex not to involve an expert. Below are some situations that require a plumber to intervene.

There Is Water Leaking From One of the Pipes

One of the most stressful moments you may encounter with your plumbing system is leakage. You need to act fast when faced with such a situation, before the water wreaks havoc in your foundation and yard. But first turn off water via the main valve and then call a plumber right away.

There Is Backup From the Sewer

This is yet another issue you are likely to encounter in your drainage system. As you may well know, the sewer carries all the dirty water away from your house. However, the system might experience some backup due to a broken pipe, tree root intrusion or blockage from the wastewater. 

Wastewater backup in your kitchen and bathroom sinks leads to unpleasant smells, germs and fumes which pose a danger to your health. In such situations, you should look for emergency plumbing services to get the situation under control.

The Drain Is Draining Too Slowly

Most homeowners can fix a clogged fixture. Sometimes you only need to pour some hot water down the drain to wash away whatever is causing the blockage or plunge it out. However, some drainage lines extend beyond the kitchen sink, and you might lack the skills and tools to reach them. For example, some drainage lines are sealed behind the walls, so only an expert plumber can professionally address the problem.

The Taps Are Dry

A dry tap can be a problem in the entire neighbourhood. But the problem could only be in your house, which is cause for alarm. It is advisable to check with your neighbours first before making any drastic decisions. If the issue only affects your house, there is a possible water leak or blockage in the water lines. A plumber is crucial in this situation to identify the underlying problem. 

Always stay alert when it comes to your drainage system to detect issues as soon as they emerge. Usually, the drainage system is more susceptible to problems as the temperatures drop. Overall, watch out for the above signs and call a plumber when you notice them.