When Should You Hire a Roof Plumber?

If you need some maintenance work done on your roof, then your initial reaction might be to just call in a roofing company. However, roofers are not the only tradespeople who fix roofing problems.

Some plumbers, known as roof plumbers, also do this kind of work. When is it a better idea to hire a roof plumber than a roofer?

What Are Roof Plumbers?

Roof plumbers are plumbers who have training and experience in working on certain types of roof projects. These plumbers may do regular plumbing jobs as well as roofing, although some solely specialise in roof work.

Generally, a roof plumber works on jobs that relate to a roof's rain or stormwater system. They also work on protective projects such as weatherproofing and waterproofing. These plumbers can help design roofs and their water systems from scratch. They also maintain, repair and expand existing systems or install new ones as needed.

Do You Need a Roof Plumber?

This depends on what needs to be done on your roof. For example, a roof plumber may be your best port of call if you have the following kinds of problems:

  1. You need work done on your roof's stormwater drainage system. This applies to things that carry water off your roof and into drains or water tanks. For example, if you have a problem with gutters, drainage pipes or downpipes, then a roof plumber can fix the issue or install replacements.
  2. You want to fix or add some extra protection to your roof to make it waterproof and to stop leaks coming into your home. For example, roof plumbers fix or replace flashing and other roof protection materials.
  3. You are replacing your roof and installing a new one. Here, a roof plumber helps design your roof so that it has an effective storm and rainwater system built in its plans.

Although roof plumbers can do a surprising amount of work on roofs, remember that they do not replace roofers. Any work on a roof that doesn't involve water systems is still generally done by roofing companies.

If you aren't sure if a plumber is the best tradesperson to call, contact a residential plumbing service and ask for advice. They can tell you whether you need a roof plumber or a roofer. If your plumber doesn't do roof work themselves, they should be able to recommend a company that has experience in this area.