4 Signs You Should Choose an Electric Water Heater

Every home needs a water heater, and you'll generally find yourself choosing between electric, gas and solar. Each option offers its own pros and cons, but here are just four signs an electric heater will work best for you.

1. You Need Something Cheap

If you've been looking into the benefits of buying an electric water heater, you've probably discovered just how much cheaper they are than rival models. This partly comes down to the cost of the unit itself, but it's also related to just how easy it is to install an electric water heater. With a gas heater, for instance, you'll need to have venting systems installed and expensive gas piping linked to the unit. With a solar heater, you'll need to have solar panels added and numerous wires trailed back to the heater itself. And with an electric heater, all you need is a single piece of pipe for installation. If you need to get hot water now without breaking the bank, an electric heater should be considered the best option.

2. You Don't Have Much Space

Are you having your water heater installed in a small kitchen or in a tiny cupboard where space is already at a premium? If so, pick an electric model. They're very small, so they work well in tighter spaces—you might even be able to fit yours in a crawlspace. This is because there's no danger of gas building up, so you don't need to provide any ventilation space around the sides and top.

3. You Can Run at Off-Peak Times

People will tell you that running an electric water heater is more expensive than using a gas or solar model, but that's only partly true. If you're living in a part of the country that has off-peak electricity rates, running an electric water heater can be relatively affordable. Just think about when you need to use hot water. If those times fall roughly within off-peak hours, you can make using your water heater quite cheap.

4. You Take Regular Overnight Trips

Another great thing about electric water heaters is how easy it is to turn them off. You can turn gas and solar heaters on and off, but it's generally inefficient and inconvenient to do so. If you're the sort of person who regularly leaves the house for a few days at a time, it's nice knowing you can simply turn off the water heater entirely to save money.

For more information about hot water systems, contact a plumbing professional in your area.