Plumbing Maintenance Jobs You Should Ask a Professional to Perform

There are plenty of installation jobs that plumbing firms will undertake. These include fitting new water systems such as radiators, toilets and sinks. In addition, many plumbers will also take on much of the installation work surrounding air-conditioning systems. However, fitting new equipment is not the only role of a plumbing company. Plumbers are also available to help with a wide range of maintenance tasks. Read on to discover the sort of maintenance jobs that plumbers undertake on a daily basis.

Pressure Regulation

One of the big problems that is found with plumbing systems in Australian homes is to do with varying water pressure. If the water pressure in your home is too high, then it is much more likely that you will face the unwanted outcome of burst pipes or leaky taps. The problem with the mains water supply in the country is that it can alter greatly depending on the time of year and your locality. Therefore, regulating the pressure within an entire system should be a job that is undertaken once every few years by a professional. This way, it won't be excessively high nor to low and only afford you a slow drip when you turn the taps on.

Drain Clearance

Clearing blocked drains is another task that plumbers do in order to keep water flowing. Drains can become clogged up for many reasons. For example, those that are made from clay can break under the pressure from the soil that surrounds them. Even heavy duty plastic piping is liable to damage underground. More likely is the common problem of items falling into the drain which go on to cause a blockage. These need to be cleared manually using drainage rods. This is a dirty job and best left to somebody who is fully trained to handle the situation.

Insulation Work

Pipe installation work is another preventative maintenance task that the average plumber will undertake. If your home's pipes are exposed to very cold conditions, then it is quite possible that they can freeze on the inside during winter. If this occurs, then the fluid inside them will often expand which can cause pipes to crack from the pressure that builds up. By simply insulating your pipes, a plumber will be able to prevent this unwanted issue from occurring. If you don't do it correctly, then pipes in your loft or that run outside along a wall may burst. Equally, of course, insulation should be maintained to prevent heat losses from pipes conveying hot water.