Reasons Why Your Plumbing Access Cover Should Be Made From Drywall

Not many homeowners contemplate the need for an access cover because they assume they will not have to uncover their plumbing system. However, some catastrophes would require the immediate passage to the plumbing system, from a burst pipe to a leaking septic tank. If you do not have an access cover, your plumber will have to cut through a wall or flooring to reach the plumbing hardware, and this can leave an unattractive gap in your house that you will have to repair once the plumbing emergency has been addressed. 

A better solution for you will be to install an access cover. Since these panels come in an assortment of materials, from metal to plastic, the following article will highlight the benefits of electing to use a drywall access cover.

A drywall access cover is inconspicuous 

One of the main reasons why drywall access covers are gaining some momentum in households all over Australia is the unobtrusiveness that they offer. Drywall is a supply that can blend in with any surrounding. So whether you access panel is going to be on a wall or the floors, you have the flexibility to paint it in accordance to the surrounding finish, which makes the panel almost undetectable. Therefore, if your access panel has to be in a commonly used area, you can rest assured that the drywall will not detract from your interior or exterior design, as it is one of the most discreet materials that you could employ.

A drywall access cover is durable

Undeniably, metal is one of the most commonly employed supplies when it comes to access covers. Nonetheless, just because it is a ubiquitous supply does not mean that it is the most durable option you could opt for. Metal is prone to rust, especially since it may be exposed to moisture in the event of a plumbing emergency. Drywall, on the other hand, is immune to rust.

Furthermore, you can opt for. Gypsum that has been reinforced with fibreglass or cement is commonly referred to as either GFRG or GFRC, which are both robust and versatile. In the unlikely event that your drywall access cover develops mould, you can easily replace it with a new reinforced drywall panel.

A drywall access cover is straightforward to install

Another massive benefit of selecting drywall as your choice material for your access cover is the hassle-free installation that it provides you. The drywall is lightweight, even when reinforced with other supplies. Thus, it is much less labour intensive to install when compared to its other access cover counterparts. Furthermore, the straightforward installation means you get to save some money when it comes to your plumbing contractor's costs.