4 Surprising Reasons to Get That Drippy Faucet Fixed Right Away

Why should you fix leaky faucets promptly? Beyond avoiding wastage of water and minimising water bills, there are many other important reasons to deal with leaky faucets without delay. 

Keep reading on below to find out what some of those reasons are.

1. The noise from constant dripping can be irritating

You're wrong if you think placing a bucket beneath a leaky faucet will get your mind off the problem. The short, high-pitched sound produced when a drop of water goes down the sink or hits the water in a bucket beneath a dripping faucet isn't good music to the ears. It can be maddeningly loud.

The distinctive 'plink' sound can disrupt your sleep, as well as the general peace and quiet in your home. Fixing the problem immediately will help get rid of the pesky noise.

2. Fixing a dripping faucet is a DIY-friendly job

Why should you live with a drippy faucet when you can fix it yourself without spending too much money?

Sure, you'll need a professional plumber for some leaks, but you can handle most leaks easily and cheaply provided you have the right tools and repair guide. Fixing a leaky faucet is the perfect DIY job for you to test your plumbing skills.

3. The dripping can cause water damage to your home

Burst pipes aren't the only plumbing issue that can cause serious water damage to your home. A dripping faucet can also cause serious damage to your home. The caulking and grout on floors or walls on which water is dripping may deteriorate fast, and mould may also grow on these surfaces. 

If your homeowner's insurance policy doesn't include coverage against mould damage, you may have to pay for mould remediation out of pocket.

4. Leaky faucets can draw pests to your home

Nobody wants to have creepy-crawlies or flying critters in their home. Do you know a single leaky faucet can invite pesky pests into your home? Some insects, such as ants, cockroaches and flies are attracted to water sources and will invade your home if you provide them easy access to water. Fixing leaky faucets immediately is vital for preventing pest infestations in your home.

Now that you've learned about more great reasons to repair leaky faucets immediately, you should ensure your faucets are leak-free at all time. If you need help fixing drippy faucets, you can always contact an emergency plumbing company. They'll be happy to handle the problem on your behalf.