Why Install a Permanent Water Line Leak Detection System?

Plumbing leaks in pipes that are hidden away in your home's structure are hard to spot. You can't see these pipes, so you might not detect problems until the leak causes significant damage to your home. If you've been through this before, then you know that this is an expensive fix. As well as getting to the pipe itself and fixing it, you also have to make good any damage the leak has caused.

To prevent this from happening again, you can add a permanent water line leak detector to your plumbing system. How do these detectors work and what are the benefits?

How Do Permanent Leak Detectors Work? 

A permanent water leak detector sits on the primary pipe in your plumbing system. This is generally the pipe that brings water into your home. The detector valve is connected to a monitoring pad. The detector monitors water usage and looks for problems. It learns how much water you use generally; it gives an alert for unusual usage or water flow problems. When it detects a problem, it sends you an alert via its control pad and closes your water off automatically. The detector tells you what kind of problem you have. You can turn your water back on at any time.

Why Use a Permanent Water Line Leak Detector?

A permanent leak detector helps you spot both common and unusual plumbing problems early. This prevents both immediate and long-term damage. For example, if you leave a tap running when you leave home, then the detector's timer will notice that the water is running for longer than usual. It shuts the supply off, so you don't waste water or come back to a flooded sink or bath.

Detectors also monitor your system for leaks. If the valve sees that your water flow is lower than usual because water is leaking out of a pipe, or if a leak is using water constantly when nothing is turned on, then the valve turns off your supply. It then tells you may have a leak. Detecting internal pipe leaks early is a big advantage. You can get your plumber out and have the pipe fixed before the leak does any significant damage to its surrounding structures.

If you've been burned by an internal plumbing leak before or if you simply want extra protection against general plumbing accidents, then talk to your plumber. They can tell you more about permanent water line leak detection systems and install one for you.