Two tasks you should ask a commercial plumber to do if you want your office to be greener

If you would love your office and the activities that take place in it to have less of a harmful effect on the environment, you should ask a plumber who has a background in commercial plumbing to carry out the following two tasks for you.

Ask them to replace your plastic, unplumbed water cooler with a plumbed-in metal drinking fountain.

Many offices have unplumbed water coolers that feature large plastic water bottles which need to be replaced regularly. If your office has one of these and you are now on a mission to lessen the damage your business activities inflict on the environment, then you should dispose of this item and get a commercial plumber to install a plumbed-in, metal drinking fountain.

There are two key benefits to doing this. The first is that it will cut down on the amount of plastic refuse that your office produces. This is important, as plastic bottles can take several centuries to decompose, and during this time, they can leach toxic chemicals into the soil and pollute the oceans. Even if you send them off to be recycled, the recycling process itself still necessitates the use of energy resources that need to be conserved. By getting a plumbed-in metal fountain fitted by one of your local commercial plumbers, you can completely avoid using plastic bottles in the first place.

The second benefit is that it will save you money, as tap water (which is what is produced by a plumbed-in drinking fountain) is far less expensive than bottled water. You can then use these savings to implement even more eco-friendly changes to your office.

Ask them to replace the standard taps in the office bathroom with sensor taps.

You might also want to ask the commercial plumber if they can replace the standard taps in your office bathroom, which need to be manually turned on and off, with sensor taps. The latter only produce running water when a person's hands are directly under them and turn off immediately and automatically after a person removes their hands from this spot.

This is a highly effective way in which to prevent water wastage in your office, as there will be no risk of water from the tap dripping or flowing freely from it, for perhaps hours on end, just because an employee forgot to turn the tap off after using it. This, in turn, will ensure that your office doesn't contribute to the unnecessary and excessive use of this finite resource.