Inexpensive Ways of Unblocking a Kitchen Drain

Apart from impacting the environment negatively, blocked drains can also be embarrassing, especially if guests are around. The smell and filth can make your home uncomfortable; therefore, you should do everything you can to avoid blocked drains. However, what do you do if your drains are blocked? While you can spend money on commercial blocked drains solutions, there are inexpensive methods of addressing the problem. This write-up looks at alternative and affordable ways of unblocking blocked drains.

A Plunger 

It is arguably the first thing that most people think about when faced with a blocked drain. Since you do not know what is blocking your drain, it is a good idea to try to unblock it before finding help. The reason is that many things can block a drainage system, and the last thing you want is to spend money on an issue you can handle. Therefore, before you get to your wallet, use a plunger to try and dislodge a blockage. If debris primarily comprises of food waste and other loose material, a plunger will get the job done. However, a plunger is only effective if you apply enough effort and pressure.

Hot Water and Soap  

It is common for homeowners to pour grease and oils down their kitchen drains. They believe that a mixture of oils and water will flow down a drain with ease. However, oils solidify under cold conditions, and the build-up will block your drains in the long run. Most people simply pour plain hot water down a drain to try to melt the oils. It might get some of the oil and grease out, but not all, and that is why you need a mixture of hot water and dish soap. The mixture not only softens the oils and greases, but it also lubricates the sides of a drainage system, which allows the movement of debris.

DIY Drain Snake 

Next to plungers, a drain snake is the next best tool for unblocking drains. Drain snakes are excellent at removing stringy debris such as leave stalks and pieces of cloth that find their way inside a kitchen drain. However, while drain snakes are affordable and readily available in stores, the DIY versions are equally effective. The most common DIY drain snake is made out of wire cloth hangers. By undoing a wire hanger, straightening it, and leaving a hook on one end, you have a cheap drain snake that you can use at any time. Notably, remember to match a wire's shape to the curvature of your drain for better results.

To learn more about blocked drains, reach out to a local plumber.