Why Residential Drains Become Blocked

A plumbing system is such an essential part of modern housing that it is nearly impossible to imagine yourself living without it. 

Plumbing brings potable water supply to your home and allows wastewater and sewage to exit the property in an efficient manner. But like other elements of your residential building design, it can develop issues. 

Blocked drains are inconvenient plumbing problems you may experience in your home. Keep reading to discover why your residential drains may become clogged.

Poor Waste Disposal 

Are you guilty of discarding the wrong items in your drains? Not everything should be flushed down the drains. If you've been putting cooking oil and grease down your kitchen sink or throwing cosmetic wipes and disposable baby nappies in your toilet, your drains can become blocked.

To fix the problem, you'll need to clear or retrieve the items that are blocking your drains. 

Blocked Sewer Line

The sewer line is the drain pipe that carries all the waste from your house to the public sewer network or septic system located onsite. If it becomes clogged, it will stop the removal of waste from the entire house. Consequently, all of the drains in your house will become clogged too.

If you notice that the drains throughout your house are clogged, you may need a sewer line repair service rather than a drain unblocking service.

Damaged Pipes

Drain pipes deteriorate with age, so it's important to keep track of your home's age. If you live in an older house, your residential drains may be old and structurally weak. As a result, they can crumble, preventing waste from moving out of your home.

Collapsed or damaged drain pipes will require removal and replacement to solve the blockage problem.

Lack of Maintenance

As a preventive plumbing maintenance strategy, you should get your domestic drains cleaned periodically to keep them smelling fresh and flowing smoothly. If you fail to clean the drains routinely, sticky sludge will build up inside over time and cause blockages. 

To clear the blockages, you may need to use powerful drain-cleaning techniques such as power rodding and hydro jetting.

Blocked drains usually don't just happen. In most cases, they manifest as slow drains, gurgling drains and sometimes even sewer odour. Contact a professional plumber at the first signs of trouble with your residential drains.

Prompt action helps prevent more serious problems down the line, saving money on repairs.